BC.GAME’s welcome bonus: Start your casino experience with a reward

Your online casino gaming and sports betting experience is taken to new heights thanks to accessible and licensed sites providing services for casino players and punters. However, having the best online gaming and sports betting session can only be possible if you choose a site that offers all your betting needs.

This is where BC.GAME comes in. BC.GAME is a licensed casino and bookmaker site that provides users with a unique experience with its betting options. The cherry on top? BC.GAME offers various payment methods, including cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and ETH (ETH), for faster and hassle-free transactions.

If you are new to casino gaming and online sports betting and want a good head start, BC.GAME has got you covered. The site offers a wide range of casino gaming and sports betting options and generous bonuses such as BC.GAME’s welcome bonus. Know more about the site’s best casino welcome bonus and how it works below:

What is a welcome bonus and how does it work?

Casino welcome bonuses are given to players as a ‘thank you’ gift for signing up and are also used as incentives to entice more players to join the community. Welcome bonuses can help new players to boost their gaming experience and win bigger prizes without depositing more money. This makes it a good head start, especially for new players and punters who want to limit the risks when playing casino games or sports betting.

If you are looking for a way to increase your chances of winning, claiming welcome bonuses is a must.

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How to claim BC.GAME’s welcome bonus

As one of the most renowned betting sites, BC.GAME offers a generous welcome bonus to help you maximise your casino gaming and betting session. To claim, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to BC.GAME’s website and click the sign-up button on the upper right corner of the page.
2. Provide your email address, password, and referral code (if applicable). Create a password with at least eight characters with uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols to create a strong password.
3. Upon signing up at BC.GAME, make a minimum deposit of at least $10 within the first 20 minutes.
4. After depositing the minimum amount, you will immediately be eligible to claim BC.GAME’s welcome bonus.

Aside from the welcome bonus, BC.GAME offers other bonuses you can take advantage of. Just remember to read the terms and conditions to receive your reward easily.

Types of welcome bonuses

Most sites offer different variations of welcome bonuses. Some welcome bonuses come in the form of free spins or free bets. Aside from these two types of welcome bonuses, the most common variation of welcome bonuses include the new player bonus and the first deposit bonus.

All new players receive this sign-up bonus upon registering an account. Claiming the sign-up bonus can help increase your chances of winning and having a more satisfying gaming experience. What's great about new player bonuses is that they are often easier to claim than other bonuses because all you need to do is create an account.
Compared to new player bonuses, deposit bonuses are given after making your first transaction. This online casino bonus can only be claimed after the deposit. Like most casino bonuses, the first deposit bonus can also take your online betting experience to new heights.
What sets the first deposit bonus apart from other bonuses is that this type of bonus also has its variation. The two types of first deposit bonuses you can claim are:

Sticky bonus

It is a great incentive for playing your favourite games at an online casino. It's like a sign-up bonus but cannot be withdrawn. Instead, it remains in your account and can only be used for betting purposes.

Match deposit bonus

This type of bonus matches your deposit with a certain percentage of bonus money. For instance, if you deposit $100 and the site offers a 100% match deposit bonus, you can receive an additional $100 bonus money. This bonus is a great way to maximise your funds and play more casino games.

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BC.GAME’s welcome bonus: Start your casino experience with a reward

BC.GAME’s welcome bonus is the first bonus you can claim upon signing up with the site. Aside from the welcome bonus you can claim after depositing a minimum of $10 within your first minutes on the site, there are other welcome bonuses you can claim depending on the number of deposits you’ve made.

You can claim different welcome bonuses depending on the following deposits:

1st deposit → Claim up to 180% bonus
2nd deposit → Claim up to 200% bonus
3rd deposit → Claim up to 220% bonus
4th deposit → Claim up to 240% bonus

Where to use your welcome bonus

To cater to every bettor's needs, renowned sites like BC.GAME offer many welcome bonuses that you can use in many ways. You will increase your chances of winning and take your casino gaming and sports betting session to new heights.

Read below to have an idea of where to use your welcome bonuses to your advantage:

Casino games

One of the most common uses of welcome bonuses is at online casino games. With various casino games available, including slots and table games, claiming welcome bonuses can help you try out most of these games.

With bonuses, you can explore more rounds and claim better rewards. For instance, some welcome bonuses include free spins, allowing you to play more slot games and increasing your chances of winning bigger prizes.

Sports betting

Another way to take advantage of welcome bonuses is to use them in your sports betting session. Some welcome bonuses come with free bets, which you can use to place wagers on your favourite sports like football or basketball and win hefty payouts without risking your own money.

Remember always to choose the best odds for more chances of winning to get the most out of your welcome bonuses.

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Tips to maximise your BC.GAME welcome bonus

When it comes to renowned casino sites like BC.GAME, taking advantage of welcome bonuses is a great way to start your online gaming and sports betting experience. By using welcome bonuses offered by BC.GAME, you can increase your bankroll and have a better chance of winning better rewards.

To give you an idea of how you can maximise BC.GAME’s welcome bonus, here are some tips:

Set a budget

One of the best ways to use your welcome bonuses to the fullest is by setting a budget. When you set a budget, you can avoid overspending and use the bonuses you claim on betting options you like the most. With bonuses, you can also manage risk.

Read the wagering requirements

Every welcome bonus comes with wagering requirements you must meet before withdrawing your winnings. To know how you can maximise the welcome bonuses, make sure that you always read the wagering requirements at all times.

Play various casino games

Most welcome bonuses can be used to play casino games, such as slots and roulette. While it can be tempting to stick to one game you know well, playing various casino games can help you increase your chances of winning. Playing various casino games lets you determine whether you can be lucky with other games.

Other types of BC.GAME bonuses you can claim

To increase your chances of winning and make your casino gaming and sports betting experience as worthwhile as possible, BC.GAME offers various types of bonuses you can claim aside from its welcome bonus. These bonuses can be claimed in different ways and can be maximised depending on your needs.

Some of the other types of bonuses you can claim at the site include:

Loyalty bonuses

BC.GAME awards its most loyal customers through its Master Medals feature. In this feature, you will find 21 exciting categories to maximise to win more medals and advance your ranks to claim big prizes. The higher your rank, the bigger and better the rewards will be.

For every number of medals you earn, you get the following rewards:

5 medals = 20 BCD
10 medals = 800 BCD
15 medals = 2,400 BCD
20 medals = 10,000 BCD


Another type of bonus you can claim at BC.GAME is rakeback bonus which is similar to cashback. This bonus allows you to gain a certain percentage of the site’s collected money. To claim rakeback, you need to be at least VIP level 14.

Recharge bonuses

BC.GAME’s recharge bonuses can be spread out over the week, depending on your preference. These bonuses are also based on your VIP status, losses from the previous week, and overall betting history. You must also be at least VIP level 22 to access recharge bonuses.

The options for recharge bonuses you can take advantage of are:

Hourly → Can be collected 24 times a day.
Daily → Can be collected every 24 hours.
Flash charge → Can be collected up to 144 times a day.
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Exclusive bonuses at BC.GAME

To boost your casino gaming and sports better experience, BC.GAME offers more exclusive bonuses such as:

Lucky spin

Play and enjoy more casino games with BC.GAME’s lucky spin feature that you can access daily. With this bonus, you can claim new bonuses with every wheel spin. The best thing is that there are no empty slots on the wheel to guarantee wins with every spin.

Rain bonus

BC.GAME’s Rain bonus is for sports punters who often participate in the site’s chat room feature. This bonus will randomly choose six lucky winners using the rain algorithm and award them generous and exciting prizes.

Where is Coco

This feature randomly pops up on the screen for a few minutes once every six hours. It gives generous prizes when you find and click Coco. Just remember that the prizes you can claim from Where is Coco depend on your VIP level.

Roll competition

BC.GAME’s Roll connection allows players to hit the roll button daily and generate a new set of three random numbers. If you get a score of 999 or a score closest to it, you’ll earn a place in the top 10 and be eligible to claim exciting prizes.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you want to know more about BC.GAME’s welcome bonus? Learn more about how the site’s welcome bonus works with these frequently asked questions from fellow casino players and sports punters:

Casino bonuses are promotional offers that can be claimed on well-known casino sites. These bonuses can help boost your winning odds and make your gaming experience worthwhile.
To claim BC.GAME’s welcome bonus, you must sign up and deposit at least $10 for your first 20 minutes on the site.
New players of BC.GAME are eligible to claim welcome bonuses upon signing up.
Wagering requirements are conditions that must be met before you can withdraw any winnings you have won using a casino bonus.

If you’re on the hunt for a licensed casino site that offers the best welcome bonus, BC.GAME has got you covered. Upon creating an account on the site, you will have access to the best welcome bonuses and other types of perks you can take advantage of. What makes it even better is that the site also offers crypto betting options for faster and hassle-free transactions.

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