Join the BC.GAME VIP Club for the best gambling experience

BC.GAME is the best platform for every bettor—from casual players to high rollers and VIP members. You have many options to profit from, including top-of-the-line casino games and generous bonuses. What’s even more exciting is the website’s special offer for all customers called the VIP Club.

This program gives you all the benefits that give you clear advantages in any games at BC.GAME, plus the quality of life improvements to your overall experience.

What is there to expect from the BC.GAME VIP Club? There is plenty, and the casino is transparent with its offers, from small daily rewards to premium packages. You can browse through the casino’s VIP Club page or learn all about its contents right here.

What’s in store in the BC.GAME VIP Club?

The VIP Club is BC.GAME’s reward system that gives you free bonuses for playing various games on the website. Your options range from free spins for VIP slots games to cash bonuses or cash returns from playing live VIP online casino titles. Some can be acquired simultaneously, giving you a big bankroll to use in all kinds of bets. Other bonuses come with challenges you must complete first, but the rewards you get after are worth the time and effort!

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A quick guide to the VIP benefits

The VIP Club is available for everyone in BC.GAME, but most of its benefits are locked from the start. Here’s a quick rundown of how to unlock those benefits and every other mechanic you need to know about the program.

How to unlock VIP Club benefits

Unlocking VIP Club benefits is easy. You just need to progress your account to reach a level that is a prerequisite for the type of reward you want. Progression is measured in XP (experience points), which you can earn by placing a valid bet on BC.GAME. You can easily reach high levels at any pace. Therefore, casual players won’t miss out on all the fun elements, but high rollers can experience them sooner.

Rules for earning XP and levelling up

The general rule for progression is that you get 1 XP for every $1 bet on a casino game and 2 XP for every $1 on sports wagers. Bets on any currency are measured in the United States dollar (USD) by their current market exchange rate. For reference, you may view the cost at the bottom of the VIP Club page. These rules apply to all kinds of betting in BC.GAME, but there will be opportunities to earn more XP per wager.

XP is paid every time you bet within the minimum $1 equivalent. If your wager covers twice the minimum or more, you earn many XP rewards when the bet is resolved. For example, a bet worth $3 is paid 3 XP if you bet it on slots and table games or 6 XP if it’s wagered on a sportsbook market. This is how high rollers can level up their account faster than casual gamblers.

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VIP Club Benefits table

Your VIP Club level starts at VIP 0. All it takes is 1XP to reach VIP 1, meaning that any bet you make will unlock two bonuses for you. The first is the Level Up bonus which gives you free spins or a cash bonus every time you reach a new level. On the other hand, Secret Treasure gives you a bigger and more personal reward. It’s only available on increasing the level gap between each instance, unlike the Level Up bonus, but the benefits are more exhilarating each time.

Other benefits in the BC.GAME VIP Club are exclusive to each tier. Once unlocked, they are permanently available for you even as you move up the program’s tier ladder. Here is a list of all of them and what they mean for you as a loyal BC.GAME gambler.

Bronze tier

Reaching VIP 4 in the Bronze tier unlocks the Raining bonus, a giveaway in BC.GAME. To be a lucky winner, you must participate in a chat room. Every six hours, six players are randomly selected by the Rain algorithm as the lucky recipients of free crypto. You can use these rewards as a bankroll or withdraw it with your winnings. Sending a message once during those six hours is enough to qualify for this bonus, but sending more helps your odds.

The second Bronze VIP feature is called Coin Drop. Unlike Raining, you can be the one giving away money to other players. You must be VIP 7 to unlock this feature, and upon doing so, you can be allowed to give away a certain amount of any currency to any number of people. Up to 100 Coin Drops can be placed simultaneously with even contents.

Each account can claim only one Coin Drop per giveaway. Nobody knows what’s inside a drop except the person who gave them away and the person who claimed it. You can also be the one claiming this free crypto from other people. All drops are placed on the BC.GAME chat, free for everyone to receive, including VIP 0 accounts.

Silver tier

The Silver tier begins at VIP 8, and upon reaching it, you are immediately eligible for two exclusive rewards. One is called private chat, a communications platform where you can form a private channel to speak with specific BC.GAME accounts.

It’s a great alternative to the standard world chat, where strangers can join your conversation, which can be confusing when you ask for betting tips. The private chat is only available for VIP 8 accounts and higher, so you cannot invite players below that level.

The other Silver tier-exclusive feature is called Tips. It is also a means to give away crypto to other players, but unlike Coin Drops, you can send it directly to a specific account. This can be your way to send luck to your friends or pay them when you are hosting a private sports wager independent from the bookmaker.

There is an interim bonus in BC.GAME called rakeback which can be unlocked at VIP 14. If it’s available, you can reclaim the amount you’ve lost within the last 30 minutes, but the type of bet depends on the promo. Read the description thoroughly to see what you can do with that fun reward.

Gold tier

When you reach the Gold tier at VIP 22, you are eligible for all the tier bonuses. The first of which is called recharge. It has a wagering requirement where you must wager a total of $1,000 or equivalent in the last seven days. Once met, you are entitled to redeemable bonuses that are available for the next seven days.

These bonuses are fractions of the money you’ve lost so far while betting. Even if the $1,000 requirement is met, it can keep growing with each wager you make, increasing the bonuses you can claim later. The rewards can be redeemed all at once or at separate intervals until the seven days are up, allowing you to prolong the opportunity.

Weekly and monthly bonuses work similarly to each other. They both make BC.GAME create new promotions specifically for you based on your past actions. It will consider your favourite games, preferred wagering pace, and the currency you use most frequently.

As their names suggest, weekly bonuses refresh once every week, while monthly ones are replenished in the middle of every month. Sports weekly bonuses work differently from the standard weekly bonus. It only pays you a certain amount in USD, depending on how much you’ve wagered in sports betting. See bonuses for more details on this promo.

Platinum tier

The Platinum tier is where premium rewards become available in BC.GAME, and you need to be at least VIP 38 to reach it. Upon reaching this tier, you are eligible for a dedicated VIP host, a personal assistant you can contact for everything regarding your BC.GAME account. You can contact them directly on the website or through Telegram.

The other benefit you’ll get as a Platinum member is the omission of fees when withdrawing. That means you enjoy all your winnings and no longer have to pay for conveniences every time you cash out. If you're using crypto, this is still a separate charge from the payment methods’ fees or gas charges. The No-Fee Withdrawal benefit is only removing BC.GAME’s fees.

Diamond tier

The Diamond tier is the last of the BC.GAME VIP Club’s program, but you can only achieve it once you level up beyond VIP 69 into SVIP 1. This will give you a new set of Level Up bonus levels to climb to SVIP 55 and the last 7 Secret Treasures available.

It is how BC.GAME can keep giving you the same VIP online casino bonus you liked when you were just starting out while making it even more fun as you reach higher levels. Now, these rewards give better rewards per level, and you’re free to use them on any game on the website.

SVIP 1 will make you eligible for the Luxury Giveaway consisting of free coins daily, new SVIP-exclusive codes, and more rewarding free spins. The amount of money you can receive this way is similar to winning lotteries, so always stay tuned for times of promotions.

The other benefit you unlock is the exclusive SVIP perks. This can include getting invitations to go on a cruise or an all-expense paid trip with BC.GAME as your host. Such offers are available during major events like the World Cup in sports or the Olympics. Your VIP Host will contact you if such opportunities arise to make sure that you won’t miss out on amazing experiences.

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Join BC.GAME now and become a VIP

The VIP program is more inclusive than it sounds because BC.GAME wants to make everyone feel welcome. You will be given a royalty-like treatment while playing their games by acknowledging each of your bets and giving you bonuses that make that more exciting. Check out all of the VIP slots games on the website, play any title at your own pace, and be rewarded for doing that at the best Bitcoin casino, BC.GAME.

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BC.GAME has a customer service system and a help page to learn more about the VIP Club. Here are three of the most frequently asked questions by other players, too.

VIP is a status mostly given to only a few players the casino decided to make into an affiliate. BC.GAME made the opportunity more accessible, allowing players to achieve it by being loyal players. Thus, your progress is rewarded every step of the way with exciting and generous rewards on top of your usual!
SVIP means ‘super VIP’, only awarded to players who reach the Diamond tier. Just like the standard VIP status, this rewards your loyalty and efforts at BC.GAME with generous bonuses. On top of that, you also become eligible for exclusive perks like invitations to luxury trips or personalised promotions that you can redeem.
Progression in the VIP Club is tracked by earning experience points (XP) which you earn by placing any bet in BC.GAME. That includes slot games, table games, and sports betting wagers you make daily. You can earn 1 XP for every $1 bet on casino games and 2 XP per $1 spent on sports betting. This lets you progress fast by playing daily or placing large stakes.
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