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BC.GAME: Your number one site for limitless crypto betting

Casino gaming and sports betting are made accessible because of licensed and reliable sites that provide convenience to both punters and casino bettors. Although there is a wide range of online betting sites to choose from, nothing beats a site that offers both casino gaming and sports betting options in one platform.

BC.GAME is a renowned casino and sports betting site founded in 2017. Due to its variety of options available, it established itself as one of the go-to betting platforms. Aside from the high-quality BC game casino section, the site has a user-friendly interface perfect for even the newest online bettors.

BC.GAME makes online betting even more accessible and convenient by supporting various payment methods—including cryptocurrencies. Each transaction is seamless and hassle-free, making your betting experience more enjoyable. Eager to start playing? Find out more about BC.GAME betting below:

Welcome to BC.GAME: How to sign up

Can’t wait to have access to BC.GAME’s betting options and features? Creating an account on the site can be done in just a few easy steps:

1. Visit BC.GAME’s website and click the sign-up button at the upper right corner of the page.
2. Fill out the needed information, such as your email address and password. For the utmost security, make sure to create a strong password that has at least eight characters. You can also add a few uppercase letters combined with numbers or symbols. 
3. Provide a referral or promo code if you have any.
4. Tick the box to confirm you are at least 18 years old and have read the user agreement.
5. Click the sign-up button.

Win big with BC.GAME’s casino gaming options

After creating an account with BC.GAME, you can now place your bets and play exciting casino games. With the site’s wide range of popular casino gaming options, you’ll find the perfect game that suits your preference.

Don’t miss out on any of BC.GAME’s casino offers below:


Slots games are luck-based casino games that are easy and fun to play. Simply indicate how much your bet is, spin the online reels, and wait if lady luck gives you the winning combinations.

These games have been the top choice for both frequent and new players since there is no need for a complex strategy to win big. Another reason why slots casino games are well-loved by most players is that various themes and bonus features can double your winnings.

At BC.GAME, you will find the best-themed slots and ones with high return to player (RTP) rates for a better chance of winning. With over 7,000 slot games, you will never run out of games to play. What’s great is that even with the wide selection of slot games at BC.GAME, no slot game is the same, making your gameplay experience dynamic and worthwhile.

Some of the most popular slot game themes at BC.GAME’s slot section are:


The cherry on top of playing slot games is that players have no way to predict the outcome of the game due to the random number generator (RNG). An RNG system generates random number combinations even if you’re not playing the game. This guarantees a fair and exciting play for every BC.GAME user.

One of the best ways to know which slot game to play is to read the description. It is where you can see an overview of its bonus round and its features such as reels, paylines, and RTP.

Live games

Aside from popular slot games, there are classic live casino table games to play at BC.GAME as well. Playing live table games is also more exciting since they are hosted by professional dealers from live studios and are broadcasted in real-time. The live casino section lets bettors play like they would in land-based casinos, but at the comfort of their homes.

BC.GAME’s live casino table games give you an overview of the table and a closer look at how the cards are dealt. With these, rest assured that the dealer fairly deals with the cards.

There are also several casino table game variations that provide unique gameplay and twists that make your gaming session more exciting. Some of the most popular casino table games from Evolution Gaming at BC.GAME are:

No Commission Speed Baccarat A
Golden Wealth Baccarat
Blackjack A
Speed Baccarat E
Dream Catcher
Baccarat B
Lightning Baccarat
Lightning Dice
Auto Roulette 1
Instant Roulette

Crypto lottery games

Looking for more games of chance? BC.GAME is one of the best crypto lottery sites that is home to well-liked lottery crypto games that grant generous rewards. When you play lottery games, you only need to bet on the numbers and hope your guesses are correct. You win once the numbers that you bet on appear after the draw.

What makes playing lottery games at the site more exciting is that you can bet on multiple tickets at once to boost your chances of winning big. Some of the popular Spinomenal lottery games at BC.GAME are:

Super Mask
Donut Rush
Champions Pick
Secret Cupcakes
Cupid’s Scratch
Signs of Fortune
Easter Pick
Santa’s Wild Pick
Monster’s Scratch
Scratchy Bit

BC Originals: Exclusive BC.GAME offers

As one of the top crypto betting sites in the world, BC.GAME offers fun BC Originals that you shouldn’t miss out on. To boost players’ gaming experience, the site offers over 25 games that guarantee big wins. Each of these games is unique to cater to all players' gaming preferences.

Each BC Original game is unique and features exciting gameplay like no other. Some of the best ones include:


Hash Dice

BC.GAME’s Hash Dice is a unique take on the popular dice game. In this game, the closer the number rolled by players to the random number, the higher the probability of winning. Hash Dice is a game of chance developed with blockchain technology and hash value calculation to make the game more thrilling and exciting.



You will see a plane taking off, slowly rising on the radar. As the plane rises higher, the more multipliers you can get. The plane can crash at any moment, so you’ll need to hit the cash-out button when it reaches your desired value. To win big, find the best time to cash out before the plane crashes.



Plinko is another luck-based game inspired by the popular game show The Price is Right. In this game, you must drop the ball from the top of a triangular space with pegs. The pegs will mark down where the ball will land.

Despite being a simple game, Plinko has features that can make your gameplay more exciting such as the option of dropping multiple balls at once and a customisable number of pegs.



In this game, you will be presented with a 5x5 grid of square tiles, each of which may conceal a mine, bomb, or star. The main goal is to click as many star tiles as possible and avoid clicking on a mine since doing so will immediately end the game. The more stars you click, the more prizes you can win. If you feel like lady luck is not on your side, you can cash out whenever you want.



Keno is like a lottery, except this game allows you to bet on ten numbers between 1 to 40. If you bet on the right numbers, you can win a specific number of prizes depending on the numbers you bet on.

Aside from these BC Originals, you can also play the following games:

Ring of Fortune
Video Poker
Baccarat Multiplayer
Crash Trenball
Egyptian Adventure
Classic Dice
Tower Legend
Saviour Sword
Keno Multiplayer
Roulette Multiplayer
Tower Legend
Hash Dice
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Top casino game providers at BC.GAME

BC.GAME only offers games from popular and renowned casino game developers that produce unique and high-quality gaming options. These providers also ensure that each game is fair and has many gaming features for you to explore. Some of the notable game developers are:

Pragmatic Play
Hacksaw Gaming
Red Tiger
Play’n GO
Nolimit City

Win more prizes: Tips to remember when playing casino games

Although most casino games implore luck, this does not mean you can’t use some tips to boost your gameplay. With the help of easy-to-follow tips, you will not only play better but also boost your odds of winning.

Follow some of these tips and see if it leads you to bigger success at BC.GAME:

Your betting budget is the amount of money you’re only allowed to spend for your bets. Setting a limit allows you to play games without overspending. This will help you know when to take a break from playing. It is also best to avoid chasing your losses as well.
Before playing any casino game, it’s crucial to know the basic rules. Doing so lets you make informed decisions, improve your gaming skills, and outsmart other players.
One of the reasons why BC.GAME is a popular choice for many players because of the casino bonuses offered. These bonuses will help you play more without depositing more money into your account.
Some casino bonuses also give you the chance to play games you haven’t tried before. Remember to read the wagering requirements to know how and when’s the best time to take full advantage of them.
Take advantage of promotions and special events as well. These come in various forms—from prize pool runs to double XP offers. Check the promotions page regularly since these events usually only run for a limited time.
Playing for long periods can cause fatigue and cloud your judgement. Play responsibly. Take breaks between games to refresh your mind and avoid making impulsive decisions that can lead to more losses.

Popular sports and esports you can wager on at BC.GAME

BC.GAME is a renowned casino site, a popular online bookmaker, and one of the best esports sites home to various betting options. Thanks to BC.GAME’s various features and services, playing casino games and betting on your favourite teams and players is now easier than ever without switching to different sites.

Since the site is a one-stop platform for all your betting preferences, it will be easier for you to manage your bankroll and make fast and hassle-free transactions. Since the site accepts various cryptocurrencies, transactions can be done in minutes or even seconds!

If you’re new to the site’s sports and esports betting section, here’s an overview of what to expect at BC.GAME:


The sports industry is one of the most popular markets in the world. With the thrilling and exciting matches, fans are on the run to place their bets and support their favourite teams. The widespread popularity of sports betting is one of the reasons why it became a billion-dollar industry and was able to easily enter the online betting community.

With technological advancements, various punters across the world can bet on their favourite teams and players as well as various sporting events in the comfort of their homes or on the go.

Aside from the variety of sports to bet on, you can access the best odds and markets. What’s great is that you can also wager on penalty shootouts. With the competitive odds that BC.GAME has, you are guaranteed a thrilling wagering experience.

On the other hand, the introduction of crypto betting has also contributed to the appeal of online sports betting since digital currencies are known to be more secure due to their decentralised nature. When you bet at BC.GAME using crypto, expect little to no transaction fees depending on your chosen coin or exchange.

To make your online sports betting experience better than ever, BC.GAME offers a wide range of popular and amazing sports betting options that are accessible on the left side of the screen. Some of the sports featured on the site include:

American Football
Ice Hockey
Table Tennis
Formula 1

BC.GAME also lets you bet on digital versions of certain sports. Bets can be placed on various online sports, including eCricket, eBaseball, and eFighting.


BC.GAME offers a variety of esports betting options for fans of the competitive gaming world. Esports is the term used to describe the world of competitive gaming tournaments wherein professional teams and players compete.

What makes these events exciting is that only the best players and teams from various countries can compete to win the title and bring home prizes worth millions. Various forms of esports games can be played on desktop computers, consoles and mobile phones.

Throughout the years, the esports industry has grown in popularity and success and is now among the top betting options at sites like BC.GAME. To bet on esports at BC.GAME, go to the left side of the site and select the sports category, then choose esports.

Some of the most notable esports games found on the site that garners thousands of fans across the world include:

Dota 2
League of Legends
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Rocket League
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Warcraft III
Mobile Legends
Arena of Valor

The esports games mentioned also have their successful tournaments and leagues to give you plenty of options to bet on whenever there is a current or impending event. Just like sports tournaments, esports competitions are held throughout the year.

Types of matches you can bet on

BC.GAME is home to the best sports and esports betting options and different types of matches you can bet on. With various types of matches at your fingertips, you can manage and spread your bets in any way you want.

The site provides three major types of matches you can bet on. These are:


Live matches

At BC.GAME, you will find tournaments or events you can bet on that is happening live, making your betting experience more exciting than ever. What makes betting on live matches more fun is that they also come with real-time updates and stats that you can use to make wiser bets.


Top matches

Top matches are events or tournaments highly popular and anticipated by many players. These events often have the highest prize pool and biggest viewership.

Some top sports matches you can bet on include the FIFA World Cup and Major League Baseball (MLB). For esports, top matches include Dota 2’s The International and League of Legends World Championship.


Upcoming events

Aside from live matches, punters can also bet on upcoming events on BC.GAME. As the name suggests, upcoming events are tournaments or games that are yet to happen but are scheduled to. For instance, the FIFA World Cup is set to happen on a specific date, but weeks before the event, punters can already bet on which team is expected to win.

Betting odds formats that will help you bet wisely

As one of the number one betting sites in the world, BC.GAME provides punters with various odds to take advantage of. Sports betting odds are numerical expressions representing the chance of a particular event's outcome. These odds can help you assess your winning chances and help you make wiser bets.

Some of the common odds you can find at BC.GAME are:


European or decimal odds is one of the most common odds found in sports betting sites like BC.GAME. These odds are expressed in decimal numbers, wherein the higher the decimal odds are, the lesser chances of winning. Meanwhile, the lesser the decimal odds are, the more chances a candidate has of winning.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong odds are like European odds in which they are presented in a decimal format. The difference is that Hong Kong odds come with plus and minus signs beside the decimal values. The plus (+) sign indicates the underdog is less likely to win, while the minus (-) sign shows the favourite with the most chance of winning.


In this odds format, the minus (-) sign signifies the favourite to win, while the plus sign (+) shows the candidate with less likelihood of winning. For instance, in a game between the Chiefs and Steelers, the Chiefs have -760, while the Steelers have +585. This means that the Stealers are the favourite to win.


The potential payout for a winning bet is expressed with positive or negative numbers as well. Malaysian odds that are positive represent the amount that a winning bet of one unit could win, while negative odds indicate the amount that must be wagered to win one unit.


Indonesian odds are another type expressed in positive or negative decimal values, similar to Hong Kong odds. In these odds, if you wager one unit on a team with Indonesian odds of +1.50 and they win, you'll get back 1.5 units. To win 1 unit when betting on a team with Indonesian odds of -0.75, you would have to risk 0.75 units.


Fractional or British odds is another common format on sites like BC.GAME. These are often presented with a slash (/) or a hyphen (-). On a fractional listing, when the odds are 6/1 (six to one), you stand to win $6 for every $1 you wager

Boost your BC.GAME bets: Simple bookmaker tips you should know

To win big when betting, use some easy and simple betting tips to help you make informed decisions and wise bets. Following simple tips when betting will also help you improve your wagering skills making your betting session more worthwhile.

Some of the betting tips you should know are:

Watch the games

To know more about the specifics of teams and players, watching their games is the best way to do so. By doing so, you'll be able to observe the team's or players’ performances and their strengths and weaknesses, which can help you better understand how they can win over their opponents.


Researching before placing bets can help you learn more about the team’s and players’ previous stats, injuries, and other relevant factors that can affect their odds. The more you know about a specific game and the teams and players competing in the game, the higher your chances of winning your bets.

Start with small bets

If you are betting for the first time, it’s crucial to always start with small bets. Starting small lets you understand how sports or esport livescore betting works and how much you can risk. You can slowly increase your bets as you gain experience and learn the ropes around online betting. Just ensure you’re only betting what you can afford to lose.

Maximise your chances of winning with BC.GAME’s bonuses and promotions

For punters to have a worthwhile betting experience, BC.GAME offers the best casino promotions and bonuses with their uses and benefits. If you are new to casino bonus offers, here are some perks you can take advantage of when signing up at BC.GAME:


Welcome bonuses

The best betting platforms offer this casino bonus to welcome players to their sites. At BC.GAME, you can claim a 300% welcome bonus after making a minimum deposit of $10 within the first 20 minutes of creating an account. To get your hands on BC.GAME’s the best casino welcome bonus, simply sign-up and make your first deposit.


Loyalty bonuses

To award the site’s most loyal customers, BC.GAME offers a loyalty online casino bonus through its Master Medals feature. The Master Medals has up to 21 exciting categories you can take advantage of and win more medals as you advance the rankings. The higher your rank is, the better and bigger the prizes you can claim.

For every number of medals you earn, you gain the following:

20 medals grant you 10,000 BCD
15 medals grant you 2,400 BCD
10 medals grant you 800 BCD
5 medals grant you 20 BCD

Deposit bonuses

Players and punters who often deposit money into their BC.GAME accounts have the chance to claim this casino bonus online. The percentage of a deposit bonus depends on the site’s wagering requirements.

For BC.GAME, you can claim the following deposit bonuses depending on the number of times you’ve made a deposit:

Claim up to 180% bonus on your 1st deposit
Claim up to 200% bonus on your 2nd deposit
Claim up to 220% bonus on your 3rd despot
Claim up to 240% bonus on your 4th deposit

Recharge bonuses

With BC.GAME’s recharge bonuses, you can make the most out of your betting experience. The recharge bonuses can be spread out over the week, depending on how you set it. These bonuses also depend on your VIP standing, losses from the previous week, and overall betting history. However, you'll need at least a VIP online casino level 22 to access this feature.

Your options for the BC.GAME’s recharge bonus is as follows:

Hourly → This bonus can be collected up to 24 times in a day.
Daily → This can be collected once every 24 hrs.
Flash charge → You can collect this up to 144 times per day.


Rakebacks are a type of bonus that’s similar to cashback bonuses. This bonus allows you to receive a certain percentage of the site has collected money. To claim this bonus, you need to be at least VIP level 14.


BC.GAME’s VIP club

BC.GAME rewards its customers with generous bonuses and its most loyal players and punters through its VIP programme. The site’s VIP club features different levels where punters and players can claim various perks as they climb the rankings. Some perks you can take advantage of include exclusive VIP hosts, special bonuses, and secret treasures.

Other bonuses to take advantage of:

To make your gaming and betting experience more worthwhile, here are other bonuses and promotions at BC.GAME:

Enjoy more games with BC.GAME’s Lucky Spin Wheel feature every day. With this bonus, you can claim new benefits with every wheel spin. The cherry on top? No empty slots on the wheel guarantee a win on every spin.
With this bonus, you will find a list of tasks you need to accomplish to win certain points and BCD.
In this bonus, you can hit the roll button daily to generate a new set of three random numbers. A score of 999 or any value close to it will place you in the top 10 and make you eligible for some cool prizes.
This bonus is for bettors who frequently participate in the site’s chat room. This bonus will randomly select six winners using the rain algorithm and provide them with rewards.
It is where BC.GAME’s Coco randomly pops up on the screen for a few minutes once every six hours. You will receive generous rewards when you find and click on him. Keep in mind that the prizes you can win vary depending on your VIP level.
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Boost your BC.GAME bets: Simple bookmaker tips you should know

Aside from generous bonuses, casino blogs, and a wide variety of betting options, BC.GAME also has exciting features that will boost your gameplay and betting experience. Some of these features include:

Some of the betting tips you should know are:

Live support

This feature can be found on the lower part of the sidebar. The live support allows you to interact with other players and the site’s customer support. This feature is best used if you have issues or questions.


BC.GAME's forum page lets you share your thoughts about a specific game, post tips, and even share betting advice. It is also where you can meet new people and expand your social circle.

Live chat

Interact with other players in real-time on BC.GAME with the site’s live chat feature. The winners of the Rain bonus are also announced in this feature.

Experience fast and easy transactions with BC.GAME’s payment options

One of the reasons why players and punters alike enjoy betting at BC.GAME is because of the wide selection of payment methods available. Thanks to the variety of payment options, you can experience faster and easier deposits and withdrawals. To make easy transactions, you can opt to use these fiat currencies:

Turkish lira (TRY)
Korean won (KRW)
Argentine peso (ARS)
Icelandic krona (ISK)
Moroccan dirham (MAD)
Australian dollar (AUD)
US dollar (USD)
Norwegian krone (NOK)
Russian ruble (RUB)
British pound (GBP)
Bangladeshi taka (BDT)
Indian rupee (INR)
Thai baht (THB)
Indonesian rupiah (IDR)
Iran rial (IRR)
Euro (EUR)
Croatian kuna (HRK)
Cuban peso (CUP)
New Zealand dollar (NZD)
Philippine peso (PHP)
Polish zloty (PLN)
South African rand (ZAR)
Vietnamese dong (VND)
Japanese yen (JPY)
Nigerian Naira (NGN)
Hungarian forint (HUF)
Brazilian real (BRL)
Mexican peso (MXN)

Aside from fiat currencies, you can also make deposits and withdrawals using crypto that guarantees safe and secure transactions. Crypto also offers lesser fees and instant deposits and withdrawals. Some of the coins you can use for hassle-free transactions are:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Cardano (ADA)
Ripple (XRP)
Ethereum (ETH)
Tron (TRX)
BNB Smart Chain (BSC)
Polkadot (DOT)
Near (NEAR)
Solana (SOL)
Avalanche (AVAX)
Dogecoin (DOGE)
Cosmos (ATOM)

Deposits and withdrawals

To deposit in your BC.GAME account, follow these steps:

1. On the upper part of the screen, click ‘wallet’.
2. Choose your preferred payment method, such as fiat currencies, crypto, or non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
3. Input the amount you wish to deposit and fill up the information needed.
4. Confirm your transaction.

To withdraw funds from your account, follow these easy steps:

1. Go to the upper part of the screen and select ‘wallet’.
2. Click on the available balance and select the withdraw option.
3. Select a payment method you prefer.
4. Input the amount you wish to withdraw and provide the information asked.
5. Double-check all the details you provided and confirm your withdrawal.

Why choose BC.GAME?

With various online casinos and sportsbooks, you may be asking yourself what sets BC.GAME apart. What makes BC.GAME the best choice for you, is that the site is not only a reliable casino and bookmaker, but it also strives to continuously improve to offer you the best casino gaming and sports betting experience possible.

BC.GAME also offers various bonuses you can claim that can play your favourite games or place more bets without going over your budget. Some of the site’s bonuses, such as the Lucky Spin and Roll competition, can also be claimed daily. However, this still depends on the wagering requirements of the bonus, so always read it first.

Other reasons why you should create a BC.GAME account and engage with the sites betting options are:

Features over 7,000 casino games

BC.GAME is not only a fantastic sportsbook for bettors worldwide, but it also offers a variety of casino games. You won't ever run out of entertaining games to play on the platform because the site has a vast library of games, including VIP slots games, online casino table games, and live dealers.

One-stop shop for casino and sports betting options

Not all betting sites offer casino gaming and sports betting options like BC.GAME does. At the site, you can enjoy top casino games, such as slots and classic table games, and bet on the world’s most popular sports, like football, basketball, and tennis.

Accessible on mobile devices

One of the reasons why BC.GAME is loved by both new and frequent punters because BC.GAME has an app for iOS and Android mobile users. Thanks to this, you can bet on your favourite BC game sports and play the best casino games on the go.

Frequently asked questions about BC.GAME

Know more about the site’s features and offered services with these frequently asked questions:

Some of the best casino games you can play at the site include slots, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette.
Yes. BC.GAME’s customer service is available 24/7 to assist various users across the world.
Yes. You can play and bet using a variety of digital coins at BC.GAME, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance (BNB).

For players and punters who want to have the best online betting experience, BC game casino is the best choice. At the site, you can access the best casino games, popular sports and esports betting options, and online casino blogs. BC.GAME is not only a licenced betting site, but it’s also a place for all your betting needs!

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